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Warranty Policy

The Velvet by Elektra device (“device”), inclusive of handheld device (“handpiece”) and adapter, is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase (refer to Warranty Period by device below). There are no other warranties with this device. All warranty claims should be submitted in writing to the distributor within one year of the date of purchase and must include the original proof of purchase.

Never drop the device as this could damage the product and void the warranty.

Never submerge the handpiece or adapter into water or other liquid, as it can damage the device. Evidence of liquid infiltration into any component of the device will void the warranty.

In the event either the handpiece or adapter falls into any liquid, immediately cease use of the device, unplug it from the electrical power source and send an email to Customer Service, [email protected]

Operate the device using only the adapter supplied with your device. Utilizing or substituting different power adapters can damage the device and may void your warranty. Every device comes with a 1 year limited warranty as detailed herein. The warranty applies only if the device has been used only for its intended purpose and in accordance with the operating instructions.

The limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship of your device as long as you purchased it directly from www.elektraintimates.com, official marketplace stores or an authorized retail partner.

The limited warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and cannot be transferred. This limited warranty is effective only if the device is purchased and used in Indonesia.

Warranty Period

The 1 year limited warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires one year later. The limited warranty period is not extended by any time period during which the VELVET BY ELEKTRA device (or any parts thereof) is in for repair, or if it is replaced by ELEKTRA (the “Company”), during the warranty period. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Warranty Procedure

If the device has been connected to a power socket, but not operating, or if the adapter fails to power the handpiece, send an email to [email protected]

If, upon inspection by the Company, the VELVET BY ELEKTRA device is found to have a manufacturing defect, the Company will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace your VELVET BY ELEKTRA device. In particular, if the Company confirms a defect covered by this 1 year limited warranty, the Company will, at its sole and exclusive discretion, either: (i) replace your VELVET BY ELEKTRA device at no charge with a new VELVET BY ELEKTRA device, either the same as or similar to the model you purchased; or (ii) replace the VELVET BY ELEKTRA device with a refurbished device that is the same as or similar to the model you purchased. If the Company does not find a manufacturing defect in the device that is covered by this 1 year limited warranty, or if we find the device is not defective, the Company will advise you of its findings and (i) return your VELVET BY ELEKTRA device utilizing standard shipping methods at the purchaser’s expense; or (ii) dispose of the device at the purchaser’s request or if return shipping is not authorized by the purchaser within ten (10) days after informing you that the Company did not find any defects or that any defects found are not covered by the 1 year limited warranty.

All Limited Warranty services must be authorized and performed by the Company, or an authorized service provider. Unauthorized service of the device voids all warranties. Use of the VELVET BY ELEKTRA device with adapters other than those supplied by the Company may damage the product. Damage caused by the use of adapters not supplied by the Company may void this limited warranty.

Non-Warranty Provisions

This limited warranty does not cover damage, defects, or failure caused by abuse or misuse; improper care; impact or insertion of foreign objects; vandalism; improper storage; unauthorized or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair; application of harmful chemicals or liquids; force majeure, fire, or water; abrasives; purchaser’s negligence; failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions; use in combination with adapters and/or equipment other than those provided by the Company; use in any manner or for any condition other than that for which the product is labeled; normal wear and tear; alteration; overuse; professional use; or commercial use.

No Other Warranties

Unless modified in a writing signed by both parties, these warranty terms, conditions and limitations are understood to be the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties, superseding all prior agreements and representations, oral or written, and all other communications between the parties relating to the subject matter of these warranty terms. No employee of the Company or any other party (including without limitation distributors, dealers, and retailers) is authorized to make any warranty in addition to the warranty made herein.

To the extent any term in this limited warranty violates the law or jurisdiction, all other terms of the 1 year limited warranty remain in effect.


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