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Testimonial & Results

We’re grateful to have you as part of Velvet by Elektra. Share your victory with us and help another girlfriend achieve hair-free & smooth skin - without the hassle or expensive costs! 
Please note that hair removal is a personal choice and not a beauty standard.
Let's respect everyone's personal choice towards their own body.


Most women feel conscious about their arm hair, which is one of the fastest body parts to grow hair. Women also don’t typically remove the hair on the arms for fear of faster hair regrowth or skin damage. With Velvet By Elektra, cus down growth time and maintain the smoothness of your skin worry-free.



In addition to boosting your confidence, hairless armpits actually have health benefits. Sweat less, cut down odor , and keep your skin bright using the right device. With Velvet by Elektra, hair will grow slower and finer. At week 5-6, many of the hair roots have been put to sleep and pores are closed up. You’ll soon find yourself shaving less and less!


Itchy legs, ingrown hairs and stubble that seems to grow back in 10 minutes? We’ve all been there! With Velvet by Elektra, users have found that diligent treatments at home can result in smaller follicle pores and hair growing much slower and finer. A few touch-ups is all you need and it’ll be months before you need another go.